Well it's been a hot minute!

We've had some time between us, haven't we?  I suppose we haven't spoken since the album release party (which was absolutely bonkers by the way).  For all of you who came, you already know.  What a blast that was, seriously.  We went back in time to 1955 with Marty McFly and made it pop.  I'll include some photos for those of you who missed it.  

Anyway, back to the update!  I had surgery at the end of May and was out of commission for quite some time, but we're back.  We've been playing and writing and are building up steam again, punching it to 88.  The coolest news I'm dropping on ya is the official "Trouble" music video.  It's almost complete and ready for release which is so exciting for all of us.  We will keep you in the loop this time, I swear.  Be ready.





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